These are our basic hourly rates, but pricing can be somewhat negotiable depending on your project and how you like to work. Please Contact Greg with any questions about rates or payment methods.*

Recording: $40/hour

On-Location Recording: (we bring the studio to you): $40/hr (including travel and setup time)

Mixing: $40/hr

Mastering: $60/hr* (typical mastering includes volume matching, EQ, compression, limiting, fade-ins/outs, custom track pauses, and duplication-ready Red Book master CD). We have serious mastering gear and experience to give your CD that final touch it needs before duplication, radio, or iTunes.**

* If your project was recorded and/or mixed here at the $40/hour rate then mastering will also be $40/hour.  The $60/hour rate is for when we only do the mastering here.  Mastering requires the use of the most expensive hardware/software in the studio, and much of the gear and acoustic treatment was acquired specifically with mastering in mind. 

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Payment Methods

Rack Recording accepts all major credit cards, Paypal, checks, or cash (preferred).

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