Recording in a Pandemic

We've cautiously started recording again, and still mixing/mastering, while making use of the time to build out and upgrade the studio rooms. 

Safety is a big concern to us and our clients, so here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

1. We all wear masks when entering and moving about the studio, unless you're singing into a microphone.

2. No larger groups at this time. No extras/groupies and where possible it's preferred to separate people into the different studio rooms which have separate air-ventillation.

3. No group mixing/mastering at this time. We can communicate through microphones and headphones between the different rooms, and final mixing/masterig is generally done after you leave (and sent to you digitally for approval).

In addition to these safety guidelines we've also added virus-killing air filters and separate HVAC (not shared central air).

It has been working smoothly as studio sessions often tend to involve distancing and walls in between us anyway. Thank you for taking a few extra safety precautions and hopefully things will start to return to normal in the near future.

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